Bass Fishing For Beginners Video Series By Fishing Legend Jerry Mckinnis

What do you need to know when it comes to boating gear? What actually is boating gear? We define boating gear as everything you need to outfit your boat to meet your certain personal needs. This can range from safety equipment to apparel. What’s the essential boating gear every sailor need to ideally have?

The last 3 or so feet of you fishing line, called “the Leader”, should be rated at least twice as high as the fishing line you are using. The leader is what has the hook on it. If you are using 10lb test you should at the very least have a 20lb “leader line”. Leader lines are sometimes metal, which is actually quite often. Lots of bait & tackle shops sell pre-made leader lines to where you can just hook them up to the regular line. Also called “swivels”.

For some smaller operations and fishing guide service in the area, you can try Bret’s 24/7 Guide Service in Springfield at 541-521-4694, Dan Justus Outfitter and Guide Service at 1090 Snell Street in Eugene (541-342-1755), Redside GuideService at 2202 Pierce Street in Eugene (541-342-3794) and Rod & Reel Adventures in Eugene at 32617 Skyhawk Way (541-349-0777).

Fishing has filled my mind with memories that I will cherish my whole life. I was recently fishing with my 71-year-old father and I got to admire him reeling in a 10-pound plus steelhead. Even at 71 and after a lifetime of catching fish the excitement of reeling in a large fish can turn a man into a child again. The power of fishing is captivating and the knowledge one can gain from fishing is endless.

4) Use the appropriate baits. This is of course understandable but it’s surprising that a lot of people forget the importance of quality bait. Bait that doesn’t entice nor interest a salmon is dead bait. So do yourself a favor and use baits that are effective like cured salmon eggs or roe. Any experienced fisherman will suggest salmon roe, so it’s best that you listen to them.

First, plan your trip then re-plan your trip. Make sure you have everything you need to go fishing with a kid. Remember your taking a kid fishing not you and a couple of buddy’s going for the day. You will need lunches, drinks, discount fishing gear, bait, and a plan B. A plan B can be as simple as an empty mason jar with a lid, fishing isn’t always fast and furious and an empty jar makes a great bug collector and will allow you to explore the outdoors with your child. Also take the opportunity when catching fish to release a fish.

When you get home, this can be quite a job, especially if the weather has not been good. Rain can mean that everything can get splattered or covered with mud and wet.

What fishing lover wouldn’t appreciate a basket full of fishing gear that they will make them remember you every time they hit the water. There are even baskets available for golfers, graduates, and Starbucks lovers. If you really feel up to it, you can make your own gift basket by filling a pail up with all the things your guy loves in life. Now that’s what makes special gifts for men.

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