Buying A Car At Auction: Part 4

GM has been under a lot of scrutiny in the media but that hasn’t stopped the company from producing affordable cars. One prime example is the Chevrolet Cruz. Not only is this auto relatively low priced but it also offers a ton of safety systems and upscale amenities. Many auto models are generally targeted towards a specific demographic such as the European market or U.S market but the Cruz aims to appeal on a world-wide level. There are four trim levels with the Eco mode being the most efficient.

But Volvo designed an ingenious solution for this. With a touch of a button, a mechanism forces the folded roof upward against the top of the trunk. Once that step is done, it is just a matter of sliding in your limited luggage into the car’s trunk. Once the luggage is safely stowed away, just simply release the forced up folded roof, close the trunk’s lid and you are ready to go. Volvo C70 owners can also use the second row of seats to hold their cargo. The limited legroom of the second row of seats makes it more suitable to hold cargoes than passengers.

One more thing you definitely need is a good pair of boots. You can get by riding in the summer with something less, but in winter a good pair of boots is essential, for both warmth and protection.

Many specialists (not all though) will solder all of their connections. I feel that this is very important. Crimp connectors can save up to an hour of installation time, but when dealing with the vehicle’s electrical system, I want a rock solid connection. The only way to get that is by soldering the wires together. Mobile Edge has soldered every connection on every job for nearly 15 years.

The Honda Civic Hybrid has the same great style and comfort of a standard Civic, but is combined with eco-friendly fuel economy with a gas mileage of 40 mpg (city)/45 mpg (highway). I test drove three of these models at different dealerships and they all felt exactly like a regular Civic sedan. It drove smooth and had great style (full loaded version is available with parksensor, leather, sunroof, navigation system, and XM radio). So if you’re looking for style, comfort and great fuel economy without having to deal with high-tech buttons and driving mode, this may be your top choice. One drawback is that it is priced higher than other similar hybrid models with a base price of $23,800.00.

Most full-size vans on the road are beasts from a previous era. They don’t make many of these anymore, and these old models that are still on the road are usually clunky gas hogs. They’re the kind of vehicles that keep you in suspense every time you get on the highway, wondering if this is the day it dies. For van lovers, the Dodge Sprinter offers something new, high-quality and functional.

The Chevy Suburban is perfect if you drive a lot of people around on a regular basis and need the ability to tow. If you don’t plan on towing and just need a large SUV that can transport a large number of people there are other large vehicles on the market with better mileage. Pricing starts at $41,335 for the base model.

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